Yeti laughs at the accusation he is a bear!

Over recent weeks a number of news stories have suggested that the Yeti is not a myth, but possibly a distant relation of the polar bear. One yeti disagrees…

Wolfgang never ever likes his photograph taken, so we’re only allowed to use his silhouette. The result of us not following his wishes would be too horrible to imagine.


Usually a most solitary creature and rarely seen, Wolfgang agreed to talk to Frozen Underground News, after becoming bemused by, as he calls it, “sloppy scientific research.”

“What utter nonsense!” is the translated response from Wolfgang, the Yeti that roams the heights above Snowdorf, in the British Alpine Principality of Stieglstein. He’s not at all happy that “science” is reporting he might be a polar/brown bear mix.

“As usual, no one comes to speak to me,” Wolfgang said via a local spokesman who is fluent in Alpine Yetish (which of course differs from Himalayan Yetish in that the ‘e’ is silent). “They just bury their heads in the snow, find the odd bit of hair from a bear I’ve probably eaten and fly off to wonderland concocting wild stories. What’s wrong with these people?”

Wolfgang is particularly unimpressed with one headline: British scientist ‘solves’ mystery of Himalayan yetis. “Solves, Solves!? He’s lucky he’s been over with my relatives in the Himalayas, they’re more easy going. If he came anywhere near my Alps I’d give him something to solve!”

With that, the elusive creature marched back off towards Yeti Mountain, his laughs and the odd curse echoing around the Stieglstein valleys over the course of the next few hours.


* * * * *


You can get to Yeti Mountain from our newest underground station at Snowdorf, which itself is reached via the East Alpine Line branch from St Anton.

Snowdorf and Yeti Mountain
Part of the Frozen Underground showing the location of Snowdorf, capital of Stieglstein and gateway to Yeti Mountain.




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